Xeomin in Exton, PA

Xeomin, like Botox, is an FDA-approved injectable medication used to treat fine lines and wrinkles. It is a newer form of neurotoxin when compared to Botox.

Xeomin is considered to be equally as potent as Botox and is used at a 1:1 ratio for treatment. For example, 20 units of Botox equals 20 units of Xeomin.

Xeomin is also a purer form of botulinum toxin because it does not contain complex proteins (more below, see resistance) or preservatives.

What is Xeomin Used For?

Xeomin is indicated for the cosmetic treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. It is often called “the new Botox” and works in the same manner as Botox.

It is FDA-approved for cosmetic treatment of the glabellar region (forehead frown/scowl lines) but is commonly used in other areas of the face and neck.

Can Xeomin be Used For Crow's Feet?

Yes, Xeomin can be used for crow’s feet! Xeomin is a perfect treatment for fine lines and wrinkles on the face and around the eyes. Anything that you would use Botox to treat, can be treated with Xeomin.

How Long Does it Take For Xeomin to Work?

Depending on which study you read, Xeomin is the fastest, or one of the fastest, anti-wrinkle medications to kick in. Most people start seeing changes within 1-3 days with full results between 7-14 days. Like Botox, most treatments last an average of 3 months.

Xeomin Vs. Botox, How Are They Different?

As above, Xeomin is considered a more pure form of neurotoxin. This is because there are no preservatives used to make it and it also does not have the surrounding protein complex that Botox has. Xeomin is essentially only the "active portion" of Botox with no other additives. Otherwise, they are nearly the same medication and last the same amount of time for most people.

Is Xeomin an Alternative to Botox?

Yes, Xeomin is a great alternative to Botox. For those people that Botox does not work on, Xeomin is a great “naked” alternative. For those who have developed "resistance" to Botox, Xeomin is the best option.

Does Botox or Xeomin Last Longer?

Many injectors will tell you that Xeomin and Botox have similar lifespans. In some recent studies, Xeomin has lasted several weeks longer than its Botox counterpart. This may mean some extra time in between visits!

If I am Resistant to Botox, Will Xeomin Work For me?

Yes, Xeomin should work for you. To explain:

Since Xeomin does not contain the protein complex (which the body would react to and create immune cells to fight) there is no immune response and therefore no resistance can be formed to Xeomin.

Dysport contains the same protein molecule as Botox so in theory if you are resistant to Botox you could also form resistance to Dysport.

What Are The Ingredients in Xeomin?

Lyophilized powder containing botulinum toxin A, human albumin, and sucrose (a sugar). There are no preservatives. 

Does Xeomin Hurt?

Most people find Xeomin injections to be very tolerable. The smallest of needles is used for injection and most people feel a tiny poke of the needle only in sensitive areas. If you have concerns about pain, let Dr. Liu know and accommodations can be made.

Will People Know I Had Xeomin?

If done correctly the majority of people will not know you’ve had Xeomin injections. They will more likely notice that you look nice or look younger but will not be able to pinpoint exactly what is different.

How Long Does Xeomin Last?

It can vary for each person and for the site injected but the average is 3 months. Areas with a lot of movement, like around the eyes and mouth, may only last 2 months. Whereas areas that move less, like the forehead, may last 3-4 months.

The more consistently the injections are done the longer it lasts as the muscle is weakened with each session.

What is a Frozen Face?

A “frozen face” is where someone has had injections all over their face and is unable to make normal facial expressions. We have seen this in the media but it is very rare when the injections are performed by a skilled professional. Dr. Liu aims to give her patients the most natural results possible and custom tailors each treatment based on the exact preferences of each patient.

Can I Lay Down After My Xeomin Treatment?

After your Xeomin injections, you should avoid laying down for 4 hours if you can. Patients are also instructed to not rub or massage the area treated.

What Are The Bad Side Effects?

When used cosmetically in healthy people side effects are very rare. Any discomfort or swelling at the injection sites usually disappears within minutes. Most patients will not experience any side effects beyond this.

Other possible side effects include bruising, asymmetrical results, heavy brows, dropped brows, or a droopy eyelid. These are extremely rare.

An experienced injector will know how to avoid these side effects and the good news is that none are permanent - they wear off as the medication wears off (and often long before that).

What Are The Benefits of Xeomin?

Like with Botox injections, Xeomin works by smoothing the appearance of facial wrinkles/lines. Xeomin is a more purified drug that can work quicker than Botox with the same lasting effects. Xeomin restores a more youthful appearance while still looking natural.

Who Are The Best Candidates?

Generally speaking, ideal candidates for Xeomin are those wanting a more refreshed appearance and to soften lines/wrinkles. Also, good candidates are those who are not pregnant, in good health and do not have any allergies to other botulinum toxin products or albumin. Xeomin is also great for those who want a more purified drug compared to other botulinum toxins.

How Often Can I Get Treatments?

Xeomin, like any other botulinum toxin, lasts anywhere from 3-4 months. Ideally, you can get 3 to 4 Xeomin treatments per year. It is best to speak with Dr. Liu about Xeomin treatments and how often might be best for you. This can be done during a cosmetic consultation.

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