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Rosacea Treatment in Exton, PA

Though rosacea is not physically dangerous, it can still have a massive impact on your life. Breakouts can significantly affect your quality of life, and hurt your confidence in your own skin. That is why we are proud to offer state-of-the-art rosacea treatment. By treating your rosacea, you can take the first steps to restore confidence in your skin and an overall improved sense of self.

At Liu Dermatology, we offer a full range of treatments for rosacea. Every patient receives a fully tailored treatment plan based on their unique needs and goals. Call us today to get started on reaching your goals, stepping toward clearer skin and a brighter future!

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea can definitely interfere with your quality of life, but you are not alone. This skin condition is quite common, and many people have it at some point in their lives. It is characterized by redness, bumps, or broken blood vessels on your face that can worsen due to certain triggers. Sometimes it can be mistaken for acne, which can lead to receiving the wrong treatment.

Below are some signs you might have rosacea. If you do, give us a call and we can get started on putting together a personalized plan for treating your rosacea.

  • Facial Redness: Persistent redness is a sign of rosacea. Small blood vessels swell, becoming visible around your nose and cheeks.
  • Red Bumps: In addition to redness, you may have bumps that look like acne.
  • Eye Concerns: If rosacea affects your eyes, you may experience dryness, irritation, and a gritty sensation, as well as eyelid redness/swelling. This may be the first sign of rosacea.
  • Swollen Nose: You may also notice swelling around your nose.

To determine if you have rosacea or another skin condition, we recommend visiting Dr. Liu to receive a full assessment. Treating this condition at home can be challenging and may not deliver results.

What Causes Rosacea?

While rosacea is quite a common skin condition, there is still no certain cause of it. However, it does seem to appear most often in middle-aged women with lighter skin. Still, almost anyone can get this condition.

Though the causes are not known, we still have the ability to treat this condition. While it will disappear on its own for many people, it can often come back regularly for weeks or months at a time.

How to Treat Rosacea?

Rosacea can be treated with trigger avoidance, topical medications, oral medications, or laser procedures. Most patients will achieve the best results with a combination of these modalities. One of the most effective ways to treat rosacea is through light or laser treatment. Using targeted amounts of energy, we can decrease redness in the skin by targeting small blood vessels.

Laser treatment for rosacea is highly effective for decreasing redness and restoring your skin to its clear, original state. With laser treatment for rosacea, you can see significant improvements in the texture and color of your skin with just 1-3 treatments.

Excel V+ for Rosacea

The Excel V+ laser is the newest, most advanced laser for treating vascular skin conditions. It combines two different wavelengths of light to make it the most effective, versatile, and powerful vascular laser available. This includes a powerful 532 nm KTP laser wavelength, in addition to two 1064 nm Nd: Yag laser modes.

The Excel V+ has many benefits over other types of lasers and light treatments such as the pulse dye laser (V-Beam laser) and IPL treatments. Excel V+ is a versatile and powerful laser that can be more effective in treating vascular conditions and it can achieve this in less time (fewer treatments) than any other laser/light-based device.

Is Laser Treatment Right for My Rosacea?

Our rosacea laser is safe, effective, and non-surgical. As such, it is open to a wide range of patients, so if rosacea has been interfering with your life, call us today to get started.

The first step is to come in for a consultation and skin examination with Dr. Liu. This way, we can fully understand your unique needs and build a plan around them. As part of your treatment plan, we can see what methods will work best and determine the number of treatment sessions.

Results & Recovery

Though you may see significant improvements after a single session, most patients will need several to fully reach their goals. After each session, your body should respond to the treatment, and your rosacea should begin to clear up.

You may experience some redness or swelling after each treatment session. But this will quickly fade and should not interfere much with your life. Treatments can be custom-tailored to suit your specific needs with little to no downtime.

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