Our Difference

Direct Care

Direct care is a model of healthcare delivery that strengthens the physician-patient relationship by cutting out the middle man - insurance. Although most of our patients have health insurance, with continuously rising costs (premiums, deductibles, co-pays) and diminishing coverage, many insured patients end up with high out-of-pocket costs for specialty care. More often than not, the costs of these services are unclear and can create financial burdens. At Liu Dermatology, we do not accept insurance of any type, but instead offer fair, affordable and 100% transparent pricing. You will never get a surprise bill in the mail from us. By avoiding the hassles that come with dealing with insurance, we are able to devote all of our time and resources to your care.

How Direct Care Costs Less


A new patient comes in for an upper body skin exam and 1 precancerous spot is found. The patient would also like to have a bothersome wart treated.

Direct Care
20 minute office visit - $150
Destruction of 1 precancerous spot - included
Destruction of 1 benign spot - included
10 minute office visit - $120*
Destruction of 1 precancerous spot - $72*
Destruction of 1 benign spot - $125*
*These are the lowest and most conservative estimates based on Medicare rates - with private insurance it is usually much more