Medical Services

Pricing includes any in office testing required as well as minor procedures performed same visit.

Level 1
(up to 10 min)
or $199 yearly
Evaluation of 1 skin lesion (no biopsy)
Follow up for stable acne (refill only)
Follow up for stable rash (refill only)
Follow up treatment of warts or actinic keratoses (up to 5)
Follow up for up to 3 moles that are being monitored
Surgical consultations
Level 2
(up to 20 min)
New Patients: $150
Any visit requiring ONE biopsy
Evaluation of up to 5 skin lesions
Upper body skin exam
Initial evaluation of acne
Follow up for Accutane
Initial evaluation of warts
Initial evaluation of localized rash
Follow up condition with change in treatment plan or monitoring
Visits with medication injections
Pediatric visits without procedure
Level 3
(up to 30 min)
New Patients: $200
Any visit requiring 2-3 biopsies
Full body skin exam
Evaluation of >5 lesions
Extensive rashes
Multiple concerns
Accutane initiation
Biologic discussion or initiation
Any other condition requiring extensive counseling or medication monitoring
Complex, longstanding problems that require review of outside records
Pediatric visits with procedure

*Pathology fees (performed by outside lab) are not included (see below)

Visits longer than 30 minutes are rarely necessary but can be quoted upon request. We are almost always able to complete each visit within the scheduled amount of time, but there may be rare situations where this is not possible. If your visit runs significantly over the scheduled amount of time, you may be charged (with your prior approval) for the additional time at the same rates as outlined above.

Minor procedures include: cryotherapy, other minor destructions, comedone/milia extractions (up to 5) and skin biopsies. Skin biopsies can only be done with a Level 2 or higher visit.

Other Fees

*Pathology fees - pathology specimens (from skin biopsies and other sampling methods) are processed by an outside lab and there is a separate fee for each sample processed. Pathology may be submitted through insurance, if desired. However, Liu Dermatology is in no way responsible for any pathology bills that arise as a result of submitting through insurance. For uninsured patients and patients with high deductibles, we have negotiated a low self-pay pathology rate - $75 per specimen, as well as discounted pricing on many other lab services.

Administrative fees:

  • Coded receipt (private insurances only) - $5
  • Select prior authorizations - $2
  • 5FMLA/disability paperwork - $25
  • Other paperwork - $25​

We will inform you beforehand if any extra fees are involved.