Surgical/Procedural Services

A medical visit is required before a Level 2 or higher procedure can be scheduled.
Pricing includes pre and post-op care such as suture removal.

Level 1
(up to 15 min)
Destruction of one biopsy-proven cancerous lesion
Destruction of up to 15 benign or precancerous lesions
Skin tag removal (up to 15)
Comedone/milia extraction (up to 15)
Incision and drainage (simple)
Completion of any procedures (<15 min) that could not be completed at a prior visit
Level 2
(up to 30 min)
Surgical excision of 1 small lesion (up to 1cm including margins)
Destruction of up to 3 biopsy-proven cancerous lesions
Destruction of numerous benign or precancerous lesions
Extensive skin tag removal
Extensive comedone/milia extraction
Incision and drainage (complex)
Level 3
(up to 60 min)
Surgical excision of 1 medium lesion (up to 3cm including margins)
Surgical excision of 2 small lesions (up to 1cm each, including margins)
Destruction of >3 biopsy-proven cancerous lesions

*Pathology fees (performed by outside lab) are not included (see below)

Procedures requiring more than 60 minutes will be quoted on a case-by-case basis

Other Surgical Procedures

Earlobe Repair (one side) - $500

Earlobe Repair (both sides) - $900

Complex Earlobe Repair - custom pricing

Medical Ear Piercing (single) - $150

Medical Ear Piercing (double) - $200

Surgical Scar Revision - starts at $700

Cosmetic Mole Excision - $500

*additional charges may apply for pediatric procedures

Other Fees

*Pathology fees - pathology specimens (from skin biopsies and other sampling methods) are processed by an outside lab and there is a separate fee for each sample processed. Pathology may be submitted through insurance, if desired. However, Liu Dermatology is in no way responsible for any pathology bills that arise as a result of submitting through insurance. For uninsured patients and patients with high deductibles, we have negotiated a low self-pay pathology rate - $75 per specimen, as well as discounted pricing on many other lab services.

Administrative fees:

  • Coded receipt (private insurances only) - $5
  • Select prior authorizations - $2
  • 5FMLA/disability paperwork - $25
  • Other paperwork - $25​

We will inform you beforehand if any extra fees are involved.