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What is Skin Cancer Removal?

Skin cancer removal is not a single type of procedure. The way it is performed will largely depend on factors such as the type of skin cancer, as well as the depth and location of a lesion. Before a skin cancer can be definitively removed, it needs to be biopsied to determine the type of skin cancer.

Most skin cancers need to be treated with surgical excision. This procedure is done using local anesthesia, which minimizes further risk to the patient. After the cancer is excised, the wound may require sutures or reconstructive care to minimize scarring.

Certain types of skin cancer, especially those on the head and neck, need to be treated with Mohs surgery, which is a highly specialized type of skin cancer surgery. Other types of skin cancer may be treated with a simpler procedure called an electrodessication and curretage. There are also additional methods of treating skin cancer depending on the specific situation. Dr. Liu will take ample time to review your treatment options with you to select the most appropriate course.

Patients who visit Liu Dermatology are treated with the utmost care we can provide. If scarring is an issue, we can provide laser treatment to improve the appearance of the scar.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

Due to advances in techniques and anesthetics, most dermatologic surgeries can now be performed safely and comfortably in our outpatient setting. Patients are often able to resume normal activities very soon after their procedure, with minimal limitations.

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At Liu Dermatology, we strive to transform medical care back to the way it was always meant to be - personalized, empathic, and patient-centered.
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