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What Is a Mole?

Moles are skin lesions that often appear in your childhood or teens and range in color from your natural skin tone to pink, brown or black. Moles can be flat or raised from the surface of your skin.

It’s normal to have about 10–40 moles by the time you’re an adult. Some moles grow slowly and may lighten or disappear over time. Most moles are harmless, but you should see Dr. Liu if you have any concerns about the appearance of a mole, or if it changes color or shape, becomes itchy or bleeds.

Sometimes, moles are skin cancer or precancerous. If your mole is itchy, bleeds, isn’t round or oval, or you notice changes in its appearance, contact Liu Dermatology.

Cosmetic Mole Removal

Whether you were born with a mole or it developed over time, you might not like how it looks or feels. If you have a mole that bothers you cosmetically, discuss your concerns with Dr. Liu. Don’t attempt at-home mole removal. Getting a mole removed by a medical professional is safer and you’ll be happier with how you look after you heal.

How Are Moles Removed?

Moles can be removed surgically using local anesthesia. Depending on the type of mole and the location, the removal technique may be different. If you have a mole that you would like removed, please schedule a surgical consultation with Dr. Liu to discuss your options.

What is The Recovery Time?

Healing time depends on your overall health, the size of the mole you had removed, the location of the mole, and the technique used. Generally, it will likely take two to three weeks to heal from mole removal. During this time, you’ll be able to do your daily activities, but may have a little soreness. To promote healing and prevent infection, Liu Dermatology will provide thorough instructions about after care.

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